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The "Flamingoroute"  - 
               close to nature and a "boundless" change to everyday life


A great experience is the so-called "Flamingoroute" which segment runs directly behind the restaurant along the German-Dutch borderland.

Flamingoroute behind Sandersküper

   Bicycle path map


This route is a 300 km long bicycle path net in the midst of woods and grasslands which is gladly used for a bicycle tour, both by the young and old.

The track crosses the German area as well
the Dutch one, encircled by a beautiful, "boundless" natural landscape.

At more than 120 stopovers information boards explain the features of the environment.

Such as at the stopover "Sandersküper", because even on summery days a little sit-down with a cool drink at the nearby terrace in a pleasant atmosphere is most welcome.

By the way, the name of the route is
due to the brooding flamingos in the Zwillbrock fen.

  General map  

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