Following years until today

Gerhard Tenhagen had 9 children from 2 marriages. The heir to the farm, Heinrich Tenhagen, was the first child of the second marriage. Heinrich Tenhagen married Maria Feldhaus in 1927. This marriage remained childless. Thus, the married couple Heinrich and Maria Tenhagen, née Feldhaus, adopted Hubert, the youngest son of the half-sister of Heinrich Tenhagen, at the age of 2 years as foster child. In the year 1954 during the marriage of Hubert Tenhagen with Josefine Niemeier, Hubert took the family name Tenhagen.


Picture right:

Celebration at the "Old Barn" in the 50s. (This picture still shows some cows at
the right edge of the photograph.)
Festivity at the "Old Barn" in the 50s

In 1956 the inn was redesigned for the first time. Thereupon, in 1971, a ballroom was opened. By abandoning the agriculture in 1998 the old barn was reconstructed into an additional ballroom for festivities from 20 - 250 people. In 2004, for the warmer days an outside terrace for 110 people was laid out sideways to the main entrance. 


Nowadays the restaurant "Sandersküper", which is vernacularly called "Zane",
is already managed
in the
4th generation by the family Tenhagen.


Main entrance


 1954  1998
 Hubert and Josefine in 1954  Hubert and Josefine in 1998
Hubert and Josefine Tenhagen, née Niemeier